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Given a positive integer D, the task is to find the number of integer coordinates (x, y) which lie at a distance D from origin.… Read More
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Given six integers, a, b, c, i, j, and k representing the equation of the circle  and equation of the line , the task is to find… Read More
Given three integers a, b, c representing coefficients of the equation x2 + y2 + ax + by + c = 0 of a circle,… Read More
Given a positive integer R representing the radius of the circle and the center of the circle (X1, Y1) and another point (X2, Y2) in… Read More
Given a radius of the circle, write a java program to calculate and display the area of the circle. (Take ∏=3.142) Example Input : radius=… Read More
Given two integers L and B representing the length and breadth of a rectangle, the task is to find the maximum number of largest possible… Read More
Given two pairs (X, Y), (P, Q) and R the coordinate of the center of semi-circle, coordinate of the intersection of semicircle and diameter of… Read More
In this article, we will discuss how to draw circles using Bresenham Equation and Polar Equation. Circle Drawing Algorithm It is not easy to display… Read More
Given two integers r and R representing the length of Inradius and Circumradius respectively, the task is to calculate the distance d between Incenter and… Read More
PUZZLE: Given a Circle and Six Straight Lines. What is the maximum number of pieces that one can cut the circle using these six straight… Read More
Consider 9 circles each arranged at the center of cells of a 2-D matrix of shape 3*3. Draw 3 straight lines without removing pen from… Read More
Given four integers N, R, X, and Y such that it represents a circle of radius R with [X, Y] as coordinates of the center.… Read More
Given an integer N which denotes the points on the circumference of a circle, the task is to find the number of quadrilaterals formed using… Read More
Given the median of the Equilateral triangle M, the task is to find the area of the circumcircle of this equilateral triangle using the median… Read More

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