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Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Mixtures are two types of Mixtures that are different from pure substances like elements and compounds because mixtures contain different substances that… Read More
Law of conservation of mass states that “The mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction” French chemist Antoine Lavoisier was the… Read More
Isotopes are two or more types of chemical species or elements that are having same atomic number and the same position in the periodic table… Read More
The law of conservation of mass states that the mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction. This implies, in a closed… Read More
The Tyndall effect is the light scattering by a colloid or extremely tiny solution of particles. Tyndall scattering, also known as that phenomenon, is similar… Read More
Metals and Non-metals have different properties and reactivity with other elements. This difference between the physical and chemical properties of elements depends on their position… Read More
Evaporation occurs when a liquid turns into a gas. Have you ever noticed that when a glass is left on the counter, the water begins… Read More
Separation of Mixtures or method of separation is the process of separating or extracting different components of a mixture using some physical methods. The type… Read More
Chromatography is the separation of mixtures by distribution between two or more immiscible phases. In chemical laboratories, where it is used for analysis, isolation, and… Read More

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