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Cell biology is a branch of biology that studies the structure, functioning, and behavior of cells. All life is made up of cells. A cell,… Read More
The basic structural and functional unit of life is the cell. It is responsible for performing essential functions of life. All organisms, including plants, and… Read More
The body of all living organisms is made up of cells. Based on the cellular organization, some organisms are made up of single cells which… Read More
Exocytosis alludes to the cell system, where the vehicle vesicles consolidate with the cell film and kill the materials out of the cell through constitutive,… Read More
The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of living organisms. In biology, the cell has the same central position as that of an… Read More
Cellular junctions are the connections that exist between cells. They are multiprotein complexes present in animal cells’ cell membranes. These complexes aid in the attachment… Read More
Eukaryotic cells found in plants differ significantly from those seen in other eukaryotic organisms in a number of significant ways. Animal and plant cells both… Read More
There are many important functions that are carried by the endoplasmic reticulum like protein folding. In simple words, it is the transportation system of eukaryotic… Read More
All living organisms have cells as their basic structural and functional unit. Antony Von Leeuwenhoek was the first to see and describe a living cell.… Read More
An organism is a living, organic system that functions as a separate entity. When an organism performs the various life processes in one form or… Read More
The cell cycle (Howard and Pelc, 1953) is a genetically managed group of changes that occur in a newly formed cell by which it supplicates… Read More
It is fascinating to observe how life evolved from its earliest predecessor to the organisms which would be multicellular that surround us. According to the… Read More
HeLa cells allude to a line of cells having a place with a strain that has been consistently refined beginning around 1951. Contrasted with other… Read More
In one word if the fundamental unit of life is to be described then that would be “Cell”. The cell is known as the building… Read More

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