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CCNA IP Addressing

RIP stands for Routing Information Protocol which is a Distance Vector Routing Protocol (one of the types of Dynamic Routing Protocol). It is a DVRP… Read More
A static IP address is one that does not change over time and can be assigned to a computer connected to the Internet. Every device… Read More
All devices operate using IP addresses that are linked to a network. Verifying IP settings for Client OS is required for networking to run well.… Read More
To configure an IP Address on a switch interface, first, we must change the interface from a layer 2 interface to a layer 3 interface.… Read More
A loopback interface is used for device identification. Although you can use any interface address to determine if the device is online, we recommend using… Read More
The interface is the port at which the router connects to a given network. It acts as an entry or exit point for data that… Read More
The IPv6 addressing scheme is the successor of the IPv4 addressing scheme. Along with a larger pool of routable addresses, it has a lot of… Read More
Pre-requisite Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Routing is a process of finding a path and then sending packets across networks, the device which performs these functions… Read More
Global Unicast Address is equivalent to IPv4 public address. Global Unicast Addresses in IPv6 are globally identifiable and uniquely addressable. For more details, you can… Read More
An IPv6 is the sixth version of any IP address on the IP protocol. It consists of eight groups of four hexadecimal digits. IP v6… Read More
The IPv6 addressing scheme is the successor of the IPv4 addressing. The IPv4 addressing scheme used a 32-bit address which translates to over 4 billion… Read More
Setting up an IP address using the ipconfig command is a simple process that can be performed from any computer with an internet connection. This… Read More
An IP address is a unique identity of any computer system on the internet by which it can communicate with other networks, servers, and web… Read More
In computer networking, a link-local address is the IP address that is to be used for communication within a logical division of the network or… Read More
The packets sent using IP protocol always consist of the source IP address and destination IP address. Then IP protocol passes the incoming data to… Read More

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