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About interviewing for a software engineer position at Capgemini. The interview process may vary depending on specific job requirements and recruiter preferences. However, I can… Read More
Capgemini came to our college and took around 250+ students for training. The interview round was only for formality. The interviewer asked questions like what… Read More
There are total 4 rounds: Round 1: Aptitude And Verbal – In this round questions were based on logical and quantitative aptitude which is of… Read More
Capgemini Interview for Analyst role. It was the day of the Interview with Capgemini for the role of Analyst. The interview started with giving my… Read More
After doing my graduation in computer science and engineering , I got myself registered in superset platfrom .I try to apply as many company  as… Read More
There were two rounds in the process. Round 1(Written Test): The test was divided into four sections and each section was an elimination round. If… Read More
At first, there will be a screening test, it is very easy, it will be of 4 sections Online written Test (Cocube platform)  There is… Read More
I recently had an interview experience with CAPGEMINI. One of the questions they asked me was about myself, where I shared my educational background and… Read More
At first, I Would say It was about 15 minutes long. At first, he/she Introduced him/herself and told a few lines about Capgemini. Questions Asked… Read More
In the month of September  Capgemini visited our college for hiring they hire  3 roles at the different packages  Analyst role packages. The criteria were… Read More
Capgemini is one of the most popular mass recruiters and this year, they came up with some changes. They come to hire freshers in our… Read More
Difficulty Level: Easy Capgemini visited our campus at the start of September and conducted its PPT. My friends and I went through the process of… Read More
Experience: Fresher Capgemini visits our campus every year and is one of the most popular mass recruiters. They come to hire freshers majorly for 2… Read More
After facing rejection from companies like Infosys, Wipro, Nagarro, and from two-three Mohali-based startups, I got saddened & lost hope. But then talking to my… Read More
I had my Capgemini interview. They came to my campus and the first criteria were to clear the written exam which actually consist of quant,… Read More