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INTRODUCTION: strcpy is a C standard library function that copies a string from one location to another. It is defined in the string.h header file.… Read More
In C programming String is a 1-D array of characters and is defined as an array of characters. But an array of strings in C… Read More
This function fcvt() converts the floating-point value to NULL-terminated ASCII string and returns a pointer to it. It is defined in the library function defined… Read More
In C/C++, strcat() is a predefined function used for string handling, under string library (string.h in C, and cstring in C++). This function appends the… Read More
Using inbuilt function: strcpy(): Using the inbuilt function strcpy() from string.h header file to copy one string to the other. strcpy() accepts a pointer to… Read More
std::string::crbegin() The std::string::crbegin() is a string class built-in function that returns a constant reverse iterator referring to the last element in the string. Using this… Read More
As string.h header file contains inbuilt functions to handle Strings in C/C++, the ctype.h/<cctype> contains inbuilt functions to handle characters in C/C++ respectively. Characters are… Read More
Given a string and write a C program to count the number of vowels and consonants in this string. Examples: Input: str = "geeks for… Read More
We all know how to store a word or String, how to store characters in an array, etc. This article will help you understand how… Read More
Given a string str and a character ch, this article tells about how to append this character ch to this string str at the end.Examples:  … Read More
Given a string, the task is to reverse this String using pointers. Examples: Input: Geeks Output: skeeG Input: GeeksForGeeks Output: skeeGroFskeeG Approach: This method involves… Read More
Strings in C: Strings are defined as an array of characters. The difference between a character array and a string is the string is terminated… Read More
Given an array of string literals, reverse the array. Examples: Input : arr[] = {"Coding", "Never", "Fail", "Me"} Output : arr[] = {"Me", "Fail", "Never",… Read More
The strlwr( ) function is a built-in function in C and is used to convert a given string into lowercase. Syntax: char *strlwr(char *str); Parameter:… Read More
The strcmpi() function is a built-in function in C and is defined in the “string.h” header file. The strcmpi() function is same as that of… Read More

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