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Tag Archives: C Quiz – 102

In the context of the below program snippet, pick the best answer. #include "stdio.h" int arr[10][10][10]; int main() {  arr[5][5][5] = 123;  return 0; }… Read More
In the context of modulo operation (i.e. remainder on division) for floating point (say 2.1 and 1.1), pick the best statement. (A) For floating point,… Read More
Suppose a C program has floating constant 1.414, what’s the best way to convert this as “float” data type? (A) (float)1.414 (B) float(1.414) (C) 1.414f… Read More
In the context of the following printf() in C, pick the best statement. i) printf("%d",8); ii) printf("%d",090); iii) printf("%d",00200); iv) printf("%d",0007000); (A) Only i) would… Read More
In the context of C data types, which of the followings is correct? (A) “unsigned long long int” is a valid data type. (B) “long… Read More

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