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In C/C++, strcat() is a predefined function used for string handling, under string library (string.h in C, and cstring in C++). This function appends the… Read More
The Standard Function Library in C is a huge library of sub-libraries, each of which contains the code for several functions. In order to make… Read More
Variadic functions are functions that can take a variable number of arguments. In C programming, a variadic function adds flexibility to the program. It takes… Read More
In C/ C++, like normal data pointers(int *, char *, etc), there can be pointers to functions. Every function created in a program gets an… Read More
Pointers in C programming language is a variable which is used to store the memory address of another variable. We can pass pointers to the… Read More
std::string::crbegin() The std::string::crbegin() is a string class built-in function that returns a constant reverse iterator referring to the last element in the string. Using this… Read More
The tgamma() function is defined in header math.h header in C and cmath library in C++. This function is used to compute the gamma function… Read More
The fpclassify() function are defined in header math.h header in C and cmath library in C++. This function is used to get the value of… Read More
As string.h header file contains inbuilt functions to handle Strings in C/C++, the ctype.h/<cctype> contains inbuilt functions to handle characters in C/C++ respectively. Characters are… Read More
Pre-requisite: Basics of File Handling in CThe fopen() method in C is a library function that is used to open a file to perform various… Read More
asctime() function: The asctime() function is defined in time.h header file. This function returns the pointer to the string that contains the information stored in… Read More
getdate() getdate() function is defined in dos.h header file. This function fills the date structure *dt with the system’s current date. Syntax struct date dt;… Read More
In a Unix/Linux operating system, the C/C++ languages provide the POSIX thread(pthread) standard API(Application program Interface) for all thread related functions. It allows us to… Read More
From OSI model of network to Operating System, any daily life project is based on layered architecture. Ever thought how the abstraction between upper layers… Read More
Strings in C: Strings are defined as an array of characters. The difference between a character array and a string is the string is terminated… Read More