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In this article, we will discuss the long long int data type in C++. long long int data type in C++ is used to store… Read More
A pointer is a variable whose value is the address of another variable, i.e., direct address of the memory location. Like any variable or constant,… Read More
In C++, cout shows different printing behaviour with character pointers/arrays unlike pointers/arrays of other data types. So this article will firstly explain how cout behaves… Read More
If-Else is a decision-making statement, where the result will be either true or false. If the statement accepts boolean values – if the value is… Read More
sizeof() is commonly used operator in the C or C++. It is a compile-time unary operator that can be used to compute the size of… Read More
The isdigit(c) is a function in C which can be used to check if the passed character is a digit or not. It returns a… Read More
NULL Pointer: The integer constant zero(0) has different meanings depending upon it’s used. In all cases, it is an integer constant with the value 0,… Read More
Keywords: Keywords are specific reserved words in C each of which has a specific feature associated with it. Almost all of the words which help… Read More
Decision Making in C/C++ helps to write decision driven statements and execute a particular set of code based on certain conditions. The C/C++ if statement… Read More
Data types are means to identify the type of data and associated operations of handling it. There are three types of data types: Pre-defined DataTypes… Read More
We often come around situations where we need to store a group of data whether of similar data types or non-similar data types. We have… Read More
Generally, resources are shared between different processes. Suppose your program takes more resources, then definitely it will affect the performance of other processes that need… Read More
Constant As the name suggests the name constants is given to such variables or values in C programming language which cannot be modified once they… Read More
This article contains the previous year papers of AKTU for the subject of Fundamentals of C Programming. Fundamentals of Programming with C 2017-18 Semester 1:… Read More
X-Macros are based on the property of nested macros and the ability to define macros inside other macros. X-Macros are very powerful pre-processor technique in… Read More

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