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Prerequisite: Structure in C Array in C In C language, arrays are made to store similar types of data in contiguous memory locations. We can… Read More
Prerequisite: Array in C An array is a type of data structure where we can store multiple elements of similar data types. A multidimensional array… Read More
Prerequisite: Array in C The array is a type of Data-structure that can store homogenous data-type elements. The size of the array is fixed. Syntax:… Read More
Prerequisite: Array in C Arrays are used the make a list of the same data type elements and store it in contiguous memory locations. In… Read More
When declaring an array the array name is always called the pointer because in an array name the address of the 0th block(base address) is… Read More
An array is the collection of multiple items of the same type stored in contiguous memory locations. While declaring Arrays, the size should be mentioned… Read More
Data Types Data-type in simple terms gives us information about the type of data. Example, integer, character, etc. Data-types in C language are declarations for the variables.… Read More
Given an integer array of size N, the task is to traverse and print the elements in the array.Examples:  Input: arr[] = {2, -1, 5,… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to sort this array in ascending order in C.Examples:  Input: arr[] = {0, 23, 14,… Read More
Given an array arr of size n, this article tells how to insert an element x in this array arr at a specific position pos.… Read More
Array in C An array is collection of items stored at contiguous memory locations.     Structure in C A structure is a user defined data… Read More
New programmers are usually in the search of ways to return multiple values from a function. Unfortunately, C and C++ do not allow this directly.… Read More
Prerequisite – Array Basics Given an array, write a program to find the sum of values of even and odd index positions separately. Examples:  Input :… Read More
In C, array name represents address and when we pass an array, we actually pass address and the parameter receiving function always accepts them as… Read More
Given two arrays such that first array has enough extra space to accommodate elements of second array. How to concatenate second array to first in… Read More

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