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In C programming String is a 1-D array of characters and is defined as an array of characters. But an array of strings in C… Read More
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An array is a collection of data that holds fixed number of values of same type. For example: if you want to store marks of… Read More
Standard C90 requires the elements of an initializer to appear in a fixed order, the same as the order of the elements in the array… Read More
In C, when there are many repeated values, we can use a shorthand array notation to define array. Below program demonstrates same. // C program… Read More
Perquisite : Arrays in C/C++ In high level languages such as Java, there are functions which prevent you from accessing array out of bound by… Read More
Prerequisite : Sparse Matrix and its representations Set 1 (Using Arrays and Linked Lists)In this post other two methods of sparse matrix representation are discussed. … Read More
A matrix is a two-dimensional data object made of m rows and n columns, therefore having total m x n values. If most of the… Read More

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