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Byju’s conducted its off-campus drive for Software Engineers (2022 Grads) in December, 2021. The process was centered around the concepts of Data Structures & Algorithms,… Read More
Round 1 – Online Assessment: There were 2 coding questions and some multiple choice questions. Coding questions are 1 is related to strings (Not easy)… Read More
Coding round: Base62 String question and a minimum number of jumps.Round 1: I was interviewed with vice-president of engineering at Byju. The interviewer asked me… Read More
BYJU’s selection process consists of three rounds: Online Test Technical Round-I Technical Round-II Round-1(Online Coding Test): The coding round was conducted on the HackerEarth platform… Read More
BYJU’s selection process consist of two rounds: Group Discussion Personal Interview Group Discussion: Here 20 students are collected to form one group. Then topic allotment… Read More
This is the first step, Prepare a good resume and also make a company-oriented resume. Then just follow these simple steps to apply on byju’s… Read More
Round 1:Group Discussion As all the students entered the group discussion room hr settled us in a way such that all people can be in… Read More

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