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Selenium is a library that enables the automation of web browsers. It is most popularly used for testing web applications. At the heart of Selenium… Read More
At this point of time I was final Year Computer Science Student from Tier 3 College in Mumbai. I had some experience in competitive programming… Read More
I went through the following rounds at BrowserStack as mentioned below where each round was an elimination round.   Round 1 (Coding Test): Online HackerEarth… Read More
At the time of interviews, I was having 1.3 Years of experience as an Application Developer. Round 1: HR Screening Round Current Project + Previous… Read More
Round 1 – On-site: They called me directly for on-site round. There were two assignments to be solved – one before lunch and one after… Read More
Given a binary tree, print it vertically. The following example illustrates vertical order traversal.  1 / \ 2 3 / \ / \ 4 5… Read More
Three questions asked. The test duration was 3 hours and was conducted on hackerearth. 1. Write a sql parser to properly parse queries for a… Read More
BrowserStack visited our campus during the placement season of IITs. Round 1: Online test There were 2 programs mainly related to app dev which were… Read More
First Round(Telephonic) Two questions of coding. They were easy to program. A link was shared on my email of google docs. Questions were :- 1.… Read More
Find the factorial of a large number.  What is Factorial of a number? Factorial of a non-negative integer, is the multiplication of all integers smaller… Read More
Online coding 3hrs 2 questions 20 marks each. Problem 1: Write a program which takes JSON as input and gives prettified JSON a) You need… Read More
Following is the written round questions for BrowserStack on campus. Paper Duration: 2 hours Number of Questions: 2 Maximum Marks: 2 * 20 = 40… Read More
PROFILE: SOFTWARE ENGINEER PAPER DURATION: 3 hours NO. OF QUESTIONS: 2 (20 marks each) MAXIMUM MARKS: 20*2 = 40 marks QUESTION 1: JSON Prettier:- Write… Read More
Given a C/C++ program, remove comments from it.  We strongly recommend to minimize your browser and try this yourself first. The idea is to maintain… Read More
Hi, BrowserStack recently visited our campus for written test for December placements. The written round was conducted on HackerEarth and was of 3 hours and… Read More

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