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Bootstrap provides the option of adding a dropdown to our websites. The default icon on the dropdown button is the ‘downward solid arrow’ logo. Even… Read More
In Bootstrap 4, NavBar is an essential component for menu purposes. To align menu items to right by using float-right class is works well in… Read More
Bootstrap provides several built-in features to the users. This makes development faster and smoother. However, in some cases, external CSS and jQuery has to be… Read More
The following example displays a simple accordion by extending the panel component. The use of the data-parent attribute to makes sure that all collapsible elements… Read More
In Bootstrap 4, Accordion collapse when anchor or button tag is clicked but lets see how to make a Bootstrap 4 accordion collapse when clicking… Read More
In Bootstrap 4, there is no default option for changing (-, +) symbol with a button accordion. Hence it can be done by using jQuery.… Read More
The task is to switch a column of Bootstrap 4 grid layout to a row on small screen sizes. Syntax:   <element class="col-md-4 col-sm-6 ...">...</element> Approach:… Read More
Description: In Bootstrap 4, H2 tag can be added beneath or below H1 tag. Whereas in case of using float the H2 tag can’t be… Read More
The front end web development track consists of several languages, frameworks, and libraries. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Bootstrap are some of those.… Read More
Here is the task to make horizontally scrollable in a bootstrap row. It can be done by the following approach: Approach: Making all the div… Read More
Here is the task to open the dropdown menu on hover in Bootstrap. The dropdown on mouseover can be done using the following methods. Using… Read More
The hamburger toggler color can be changed in Bootstrap 4 using 2 methods: Method 1: Using the inbuilt color classes The hamburger toggler color is… Read More
The navigation bar color can be changed in Bootstrap using 2 methods:Method 1: Using the inbuilt color classesChanging the text colorThe text color of the… Read More
Bootstrap allows us to align elements by using the utility class float. As we want to align the button to the right side of the… Read More
The .pull-left and .pull-right classes have been replaced with the .float-left and .float-right classes in Bootstrap 4. These utility classes are used to float an… Read More

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