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Have you ever had to deal with a Dialog or a SnackBar that, after being triggered/shown or dismissed, gets triggered/shown again after a device rotation?… Read More
In some cases, we should determine if the keyboard is displayed or not in a given activity. In this example, we can see how to… Read More
Introduction: Tensorflow.js is an open-source library that is developed by Google for running machine learning models as well as deep learning neural networks in the… Read More
If your app solely utilizes code written in Java or Kotlin, including any libraries or SDKs, it is already ready for 64-bit devices. If your… Read More
Lists in common LISP is simply a single Linked list. In LISP, Lists are designed as a chain of records. While talking about record structures… Read More
The Dart in-built method, for formatting, dates in Flutter according to the requirements is very limited and restrictive. While dealing with dates it should be… Read More
Jetpack Compose is Android’s advanced toolkit for creating materialistic UI in a very simpler form. It does not require any kind of XML files in… Read More
With the release of Android Q and its amazing features, it also introduced Sharing Shortcuts. In Q, the Direct Share API has been superseded with… Read More
Scrapy is a web scraping library that is used to scrape, parse and collect web data. Now once our spider has scrapped the data then… Read More
Data Mining is to intelligently discover useful information from large amounts of data to solve real-life problems. It is a combination of two words: data… Read More
Java provides a mechanism to handle exceptions. To learn about exception handling, you can refer to exceptions in java. In this article, we discuss exception… Read More
Filters are the validation check performed on the user’s input to ensure that the input the user has entered follows the expected input. For example,… Read More
Data Mining plays a major role in segregating useful data from a heap of big data. By analyzing the patterns and peculiarities, it enables us… Read More
Distributed Systems are the systems that make a single system image to users of the networks. The failure of one system in the network will… Read More
This article intends to make you all aware of the security and compliance aspects of Amazon DynamoDB. Amazon DynamoDB is another database service by AWS… Read More

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