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The body of all living organisms is made up of cells. Based on the cellular organization, some organisms are made up of single cells which… Read More
An organism with a different sizes, shapes, modes of nutrition, reproduction mode, habitat, etc. exists on the planet earth. In every species, there are hundreds… Read More
Diversity in living organisms can be found all over the world. The earth’s warm and humid regions are highly diverse and are known as the… Read More
Based on their body’s form and function, all living organisms are recognized and categorized. Several traits are likely to make more substantial physical modifications than… Read More
There are various methods for preventing people from going hungry. One is to increase production efficiency. The second step is to provide food access to… Read More
The shape, make-up, and way that different species live are different. They ought to be grouped together as a result of their similarities. The grouping… Read More
Our planet is gifted with various living life forms, which change in size, shape, environment, sustenance, proliferation, and much more. In view of their actual… Read More
All living organisms have cells as their basic structural and functional unit. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek was the first to see and describe a living cell.… Read More
An organism is a living, organic system that functions as a separate entity. When an organism performs the various life processes in one form or… Read More
Nature is a blessing to us. The biosphere is the area of the earth that contains both living and nonliving organisms. It is home to… Read More
Natural resources are naturally occurring materials that are useful to man or could be useful under hypothetical technological, economic, or social circumstances, as well as… Read More
It is fascinating to observe how life evolved from its earliest predecessor to the organisms which would be multicellular that surround us. According to the… Read More
Monera has a place with the prokaryote family. The life forms having a place in this realm don’t contain a genuine core. These are the… Read More
Whenever the normal working of our body system gets disturbed, we feel sick. It can happen when a bacterium, infection, etc., enters our body or… Read More
In one word if the fundamental unit of life is to be described then that would be “Cell”. The cell is known as the building… Read More

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