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There are distinct animals with distinct structures and forms. Till now, a million species of animals have been introduced, and the urge for classification becomes… Read More
Biological classification is a scientific plan that consists of arranging organisms into taxonomic groups and subgroups based on their similarities and dissimilarities. The word Biology… Read More
The basic association in creatures begins from the littlest, critical unit—the cell. The cell is the basic unit of any living organism. Furthermore, a gathering… Read More
The primary association in creatures begins from the littlest key unit—the cell. Furthermore, a gathering of cells that carry out a comparable role structures tissues.… Read More
The cell is the structural and functional unit of life. The prokaryotic cells constitute bacteria, blue-green algae, mycoplasma, and PPLO( Pleuro Pneumonia Like Organisms). The… Read More
All living organisms are made of cells. A unicellular organism has a single cell in its body, i.e., a single cell performs all basic life… Read More
In earlier systems of classification, only habit or external morphological characters were considered the sole basis of classification. But later on, organisms were classified on… Read More
R.H Whittaker classified living organisms into five kingdoms based on cell structure, mode of nutrition, reproduction, and phylogenetic relationship. The five kingdoms are Monera, Protista,… Read More
Biological classification can be defined as the method used to categorize and group living organisms based on their features and functions, also known as taxonomy.… Read More
Biological classification can be defined as a method used to categorize and group living organisms based on their characteristics and functions. And this is also… Read More
For the mechanism of Breathing the human should have the lungs and in that lungs, the inhalation and exhalation process mechanism is under the different… Read More
All particles of living organisms or chemical compounds of living organisms that are practical within themselves are known as biomolecules. It is related to around… Read More
Different types of cells, tissue, and other complex organs together form the human body. Our body releases some chemicals for the effective functioning of the… Read More
Biomolecules are molecules produced by living organisms. A living organism develops, sustains, and reproduces. The most incredible aspect of a living system is that it… Read More
Morphology refers to the study of forms or external features of an organism. While studying the morphology of an organism we focus on its external… Read More

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