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Every living organism on earth breathes, including plants, animals, and microbes. The breaking of C-C bonds of the complex compounds through oxidation in the cell,… Read More
Respiration is a chain of chemical reactions which enables all living entities to synthesize the energy required to sustain themselves. In breath, inhalation of oxygen… Read More
All forms of living organisms contain the type of protein known as enzymes. They serve as catalysts in living organisms and are mostly secreted by… Read More
Before going to know about vitamins and their uses, and benefits for health, we have to know What are vitamins? and history of vitamins and… Read More
Before going to know about protein and its uses we have to know clearly about what is protein. How protein is made? How does protein… Read More
The second stage of photosynthesis is known as the Calvin cycle, or the light-independent reactions. The transformation of Carbon dioxide to carbohydrates is called Calvin… Read More
Cells are the building blocks of living things, and they have a finite lifespan. Throughout their existence on Earth, they perform a variety of functions.… Read More
Plants respire throughout their lives because the plant cell requires energy to survive; however, plants breathe in a unique way known as cellular respiration. Photosynthesis… Read More
Before going to know about metabolism we have to know the concepts regarding metabolism. Metabolism is related to the energy concept. The energy comes from… Read More

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