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Organisms require energy to carry out a variety of tasks. The breakdown of different food ingredients, such as proteins, carbs, lipids, etc., produces energy. Catabolic… Read More
ATP or adenosine triphosphate provides energy to the cell or living organisms. Atp is required by the cells for different activities such as the transportation… Read More
A Ramachandran plot, also known as a Ramachandran diagram or a Rama plot in the field of biochemistry, was originally developed by Viswanathan Sasisekharan (born… Read More
Biomolecules are the fundamental building blocks of all living things. They work together to promote various biological processes that are required for life. They differ… Read More
There is a big diversity of living organisms in an ecosystem. The question that arises in our mind is that are all living organisms composed… Read More
All the carbon-based compounds that are seen in or produced by living organisms and are necessary to a biological cycle are called biomolecules. Examples of… Read More
They are organic compounds composed of C, N, and O. Numerous thousands of amino acids, which are smaller building blocks of proteins, are linked together… Read More
All particles of living organisms or chemical compounds of living organisms that are practical within themselves are known as biomolecules. It is related to around… Read More
Different types of cells, tissue, and other complex organs together form the human body. Our body releases some chemicals for the effective functioning of the… Read More
The Bohr’s effect clarifies red blood platelets’ capacity to acclimate to the changes in their biochemical environment, boosting the hemoglobin-oxygen binding perspective in the lungs… Read More
Every living organism on earth breathes, including plants, animals, and microbes. The breaking of C-C bonds of the complex compounds through oxidation in the cell,… Read More
Respiration is a chain of chemical reactions which enables all living entities to synthesize the energy required to sustain themselves. In breath, inhalation of oxygen… Read More
All forms of living organisms contain the type of protein known as enzymes. They serve as catalysts in living organisms and are mostly secreted by… Read More
Before going to know about vitamins and their uses, and benefits for health, we have to know What are vitamins? and history of vitamins and… Read More
Before going to know about protein and its uses we have to know clearly about what is protein. How protein is made? How does protein… Read More

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