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Given a Binary Tree as shown below. The task is to count all pair of adjacent nodes whose XOR is an odd number. Explanation:  Initially,… Read More
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Top view of a binary tree is the set of nodes visible when the tree is viewed from the top. Given a binary tree, print… Read More
Given a binary tree represented as parent array, find Lowest Common Ancestor between two nodes ‘m’ and ‘n’.  In the above diagram, LCA of 10… Read More
Given two binary trees. The task is to write a program to check if the two trees are identical in structure. In the above figure… Read More
Given a Binary Tree, find the maximum sum in a binary tree by adding the parent with its children. Exactly three Node needs to be… Read More
Given a BT and a key Node, find the total sum in BT, except those nodes which are adjacent to key Node.  Examples: Recommended: Please… Read More
Round 1: Coding round + MCQs There were 2 coding questions and 20 mcqs of variable marks such as 4, 6 and 2 and no… Read More
Consider you have an infinitely long binary tree having a pattern as below:  1 / \ 2 3 / \ / \ 4 5 6… Read More
Given a binary tree and data value of a node. The task is to find the sum of cousin nodes of given node. If given… Read More
A recursive and a non-recursive program to delete an entire binary tree has already been discussed in the previous posts. In this post, deleting the… Read More
Given a binary tree and a node, print all cousins of given node. Note that siblings should not be printed. Examples:  Input : root of… Read More
Given a binary tree and 3 nodes a, b and c, the task is to find a node in the tree such that after removing… Read More
Given a binary tree, print the level order traversal in such a way that first two levels are printed from left to right, next two… Read More

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