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Constructor is the function used by Backbone.js to set up its structure. If we want to override the constructor, which allows you to replace the… Read More
The Backbone.js url Model is a function that is used to get the relative url where the model’s resource would be located on the server.… Read More
The Backbone.js changedAttributes Model is the function that returns the hash which is the difference in attributes and their values in the current model and… Read More
The Backbone.js parse Model is a function that is called whenever a model’s data is returned by the server. This function is passed with the… Read More
The Backbone.js cid Model is a unique identifier to the model. It is automatically assigned to the model when they are first created. Cid is… Read More
The Backbone.js defaults Model is a hash of function which is used to specify the default attributes for the Model. It is used when we… Read More
The Backbone.js extend Model is used to extend the backbone’s Model class in which we can create our own Model. It also facilitates the instance… Read More
The Backbone.js isValid() Model is a function that is used to check the state of the model in Backbone.js. It uses validate method to check… Read More
The Backbone.js validate Model is validation logic that we want to apply for all the attributes of model. If the attributes are valid, don’t return… Read More
Backbone.js validationError Model is returned valid by the validate during the last failed validation. It is used to display an error, in case validation fails… Read More
Backbone.js Underscore Methods Model is the 9 Underscore models which we can use with Backbone models. These are the proxies to underscore.js to provide 9… Read More
Backbone.js sync Model is the function that the model calls every time it attempts to read or save a model to the server. When a… Read More
Models: Backbone.js Models are a very important part of building applications. The model manages an internal table of data attributes and triggers change events when… Read More
The Backbone.js clone is used to return the attributes of the given object in JSON format. We have to use JSON.stringify() to return the attributes.… Read More
The Backbone.js attributes model is used to define the property of the given model and uses the update/change the attributes using set() method. Syntax: Backbone.Model.attributes… Read More

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