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Tag Archives: Backbone.js Collection

Backbone.js is a compact library used to organize JavaScript code. Another name for it is an MVC/MV* framework. If you’re not familiar with MVC, it’s… Read More
Collections in backbone.js are ordered sets of model. We can define the type of the model and the instance of properties for a collection. we… Read More
The Backbone.js comparator Collection is the property of the collection’s model which is used to sort all the models in the collection. By default, there… Read More
The Backbone.js sync Collection is the function that the collection calls every time attempts to request the server. When a collection begins a sync with… Read More
The Backbone.js parse Collection is a method that is called by Backbone whenever a Collection’s models are returned by the server. The default implementation simply… Read More
The Backbone.js model Collection is the property that specifies the model collection. If this property is defined then we can pass objects, an array of… Read More
The Backbone.js modelId Collection is used to uniquely identify the models in the collection. By default, Collection uses idAttribute value of Model to identify the… Read More
The Backbone.js fetch Collection is used to fetch the set of models from the server for collection. When the models are returned models are merged… Read More
The Backbone.js clone Collection is a function used to form a new instance of the collection with an identical list of models. This method returns… Read More
The Backbone.js pluck Collection is used to Pluck an attribute from each model in the collection. This method is equivalent to the map function and… Read More
The Backbone.js url Collection is the property or function of a collection which is the reference to the location where the data in the server… Read More
A Backbone.js Collections are a group of related models. It is useful when the model is loading to the server or saving to the server.… Read More
The Backbone.js models Collection is used to access the JavaScript array of models inside the collection. The model object can be accessed with the use… Read More
The Backbone.js unshift Collection is used to add model at the beginning of a Collection. It takes model as the first parameter and options as… Read More
The Backbone.js reset Collection is used to replace the whole list of models with a new list of models or attributes hash. This function returns… Read More