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Given a Binary Tree, the task is to print the nodes that have grandchildren. Examples:  Input:   Output: 20 8 Explanation: 20 and 8 are the grandparents of… Read More
B-Tree : B-Tree is known as a self-balancing tree as its nodes are sorted in the inorder traversal. Unlike the binary trees, in B-tree, a… Read More
B-Tree Insert without aggressive splittingThis algorithm for insertion takes an entry, finds the leaf node where it belongs, and inserts it there. We recursively insert… Read More
R-tree is a tree data structure used for storing spatial data indexes in an efficient manner. R-trees are highly useful for spatial data queries and… Read More
In order, to implement dynamic multilevel indexing, B-tree and B+ tree are generally employed. The drawback of the B-tree used for indexing, however, is that… Read More
In this article, we will discuss different types of problems based on B and B+ trees. Before understanding this article, you should understand basics of… Read More
It is recommended to refer following posts as prerequisite of this post.B-Tree | Set 1 (Introduction) B-Tree | Set 2 (Insert)B-Tree is a type of a… Read More
  In the previous post, we introduced B-Tree. We also discussed search() and traverse() functions. In this post, insert() operation is discussed. A new key is… Read More

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