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Lamarckian Evolution Theory: The Lamarckian theory states the characteristic individual acquire during their lifetime pass them to their children. This theory is named after French… Read More
Introduction: Fuzzy logic control (FLC) is the most active research area in the application of fuzzy set theory, fuzzy reasoning, and fuzzy logic. The application… Read More
There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is very popular with it being a hot topic in tech circles! Many companies already use it in their… Read More
There are many open-source projects in Artificial Intelligence that are never heard of. But many of these projects also grow to be part of the… Read More
In recent years AI revolution is happening around the world but in recent months if you’re a tech enthusiast you’ve heard about GPT-3. Generative Pre-trained… Read More
The reflex agent of AI directly maps states into action. Whenever these agents fail to operate in an environment where the state of mapping is… Read More
The transversality of Artificial Intelligence and its capability to deal with the challenging problems made AI techniques to pervade almost all sectors of the economy… Read More
What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in a machine that is programmed to think like humans. The idea… Read More
An environment in artificial intelligence is the surrounding of the agent. The agent takes input from the environment through sensors and delivers the output to… Read More
Business Intelligence platforms are extremely important for businesses to remain relevant in this competitive market. They fulfill multiple functions for businesses including understanding the consumer… Read More
Artificial Intelligence has emerged out to be one of the most popular terms of computer science in recent times. This article discusses one of the… Read More
Balanced vs Imbalanced Dataset : Balanced Dataset: In a Balanced dataset, there is approximately equal distribution of classes in the target column. Imbalanced Dataset: In… Read More
Humans have been, are, and will forever be thirsty to invent things that would make their lives easier and better by a thousandfold. The capacity… Read More
Watson is AI from IBM. Created to form your business more intelligent and every worker your best worker. Watson features a range of advanced APIs,… Read More
Computer vision means the extraction of information from images, text, videos, etc. Sometimes computer vision tries to mimic human vision. It’s a subset of computer-based… Read More

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