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We begin by defining the lexicon, or a list of terms that are permitted. The words are categorized into the lexical categories that dictionary users… Read More
Many unforeseeable external occurrences can place us in unforeseen circumstances in real life. Many games, such as dice tossing, have a random element to reflect… Read More
Humans’ intellectual capacities have been engaged by games for as long as civilization has existed, sometimes to an alarming degree. Games are an intriguing subject… Read More
Artificial Intelligence has now become synonymous with digital transformation and its impact is evident in the modern-day world. As per the survey, the global AI… Read More
Introduction: Introduced in the 1980s by Yann LeCun, Convolution Neural Networks(also called CNNs or ConvNets) have come a long way. From being employed for simple… Read More
The subject of reinforcement learning has absolutely grown in recent years ever since the astonishing results with old Atari games deep Minds victory with AlphaGo… Read More
Prerequisite: Wumpus World in Artificial Intelligence In this article, we’ll use our understanding to make wumpus world agents that use propositional logic. The first stage… Read More
The optimal solution becomes a contingent strategy when specifies MAX(the player on our side)’s move in the initial state, then Max move to the states… Read More
Artificial Intelligence is a study to make computers, robots, generally, machines think how the intellect of humans works, think, learn when it solves any problem.… Read More
Recurrent neural network (RNN) is more like Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) that are mostly employed in speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP). Deep learning… Read More
Artificial Intelligence and its subset Machine Learning are two technologies that are poised to change our lives at a much deeper level than we can… Read More
Web Development is that comprehensive task that is done by web developers, UX designers, etc. behind the scenes to make a fast, secure, and engaging… Read More
Definitions: Monotonic means something that does not vary or change. Non-Monotonic means something which can vary according to the situation or condition. Monotonic Reasoning Monotonic… Read More
In AI there are mainly two types of search techniques: Un-informed/blind search techniques Informed search techniques Search algorithms under the Uninformed category are: Breadth-first search… Read More
We need to describe the PEAS for the “bidding on an item at an auction” activity. PEAS stands for Performance measures, Environment, Actuators, and Sensors.… Read More

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