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Question:  Suppose two of us have to play a game on a table. Each of us has an infinite number of identical coins. Each of… Read More
Question: Is it possible to fit 53 bricks of size 1×1×4 into a 6×6×6 box? Why or why not? 53 bricks of size 1x1x4 in… Read More
Puzzle: A matchstick puzzle is given below, move 3 matchsticks to get 3 squares. Give all the possibly unique solutions for the given problem. Solution:… Read More
Suppose you have a regular hexagon made up of matchsticks with three diagonals in it. The task is to convert the given hexagon into three… Read More
Place the numbers 1 to 9 in a circle, so that wherever there are three in a straight line they shall add up to 15.… Read More
A magician asks a person to select a card from a pack of 27 cards and return it back without showing it back to the… Read More
There are four knights on a 3 x 3 chessboard. The two white knights are at the two bottom corners, and the two black knights… Read More
Puzzle: You are given a jigsaw puzzle that contains n pieces. A “section” of the puzzle is a set of one or more pieces that… Read More
Puzzle: Given are ten balls, the task is to place these 10 balls in five lines such that each line contain exactly 4 balls. Solution:… Read More
There are five sheets of paper each of which has a whole number on one side and an alphabet on the other side written on… Read More
Lateral thinking is the most interesting test module of tcs digital hiring process. Problem: Join all nine dots by drawing minimum number of straight lines.… Read More
Lateral thinking is the most interesting test module of tcs digital hiring process. Problem: Move 3 matchsticks from the given set of matchsticks arranged as… Read More
A milkman has 100 cows number from 1 to 100. Every cow gives milk according to their numbers i.e i’th cow gives i litre milk.… Read More
Given 2n counters where n > 1. You have to place these 2n counters on an n × n board so that no more than… Read More
There is an old man and he has four sons. The old man is in critical situation and his last wish is to divide his… Read More

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