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Interest is the additional money we pay for the use of some other person’s money. When we borrow some amount of money from a person… Read More
Arithmetic has most likely the longest history at the time. It is a method of computation that has been used since ancient times to derive… Read More
Progression is a sequence of numbers that are arranged in a particular pattern. Following the pattern, other numbers in the sequence can also be determined.… Read More
 Arithmetic Progression is a sequence in which the difference between any two consecutive terms is always the same. In simple terms, it means that the… Read More
Before Arithmetic progression we have to know about Sequences and Series. A sequence is basically a pattern or we can say arrangement of numbers with… Read More
Arithmetic Progression(A.P) is a sequence of numbers with a constant difference between consecutive terms. This difference is called the Common Difference of the AP. It… Read More
Every day we purchase one thing or the other, and every product has a certain price. So, the price that we pay to the seller… Read More
Profit is defined as the amount obtained by selling a product that is greater than the cost price of the product. It is the amount… Read More
Percentage Increase describes the eventual increase in the quantity of any object. The percentage increase formula is used to compare any value at two specific… Read More
Fibonacci sequence is one of the most known formulas in number theory. In the Fibonacci sequence, each number in the series is calculated by adding… Read More
Algebra can be defined as the branch of mathematics which deals with the study, alteration, and analysis of various mathematical symbols. It is the study… Read More
In mathematics, arithmetic is concerned with the study of numbers, while keeping the emphasis on the traditional operations relevant to them. These operators are addition,… Read More
Compound interest is the interest that is calculated against a loan or deposit amount in which interest is calculated for the principal as well as… Read More
Factorization of polynomials is required for solving various problems in Algebra. Factors are numbers or algebraic expressions that divide another number or expression evenly i.e… Read More