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Round 1: Online test(60 minutes). It consisted of 10 sections i.e. Os, aptitude, logical reasoning, microprocessor, coding analysis, data structures, c output, dbms, networks. There… Read More
Aricent visited our campus in Sep 2017 for hiring and I applied for the post Software Engineer. The recruitment process ended up in 2 days. It consists… Read More
There were 3 rounds consisting of Written, Technical Interview and HR round. Written Round: Aricent organized an online written test via amcat(aspiringminds). The questions were… Read More
Aricent is a telecom(network) based company. There were three rounds 1. Online test hosted by amcat(aspiring minds) was very easy and there was sectional cutoff… Read More
Round 1: Online Written test(AMCAT). Sections:          1.1 English.                English was pretty simple. The only hiccups were in the questions asking for the… Read More
Aricent(On Campus) Recruitment Process Divided into 3 parts: Round 1: Online Written test(AMCAT). Sections: 1.1 English. 1.2 Aptitude. 1.3 Logical Reasoning. 1.4 Computer Programming. 1.5… Read More

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