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Given an array arr[] denoting the radius of circular pizzas and an integer N denoting the number of friends. The task is to calculate the… Read More
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Given two positive integers A and B representing the sides of the right kite, the task is to find the area of the circumcircle and… Read More
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Given the dimensions of the 3D Shapes like Cube, Cuboid, or Cylinder, the task is to find the volume of all the 3D Shapes using… Read More
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Given an N-sided polygon, the task is to find the ratio of the area of the Nth to (N + 1)th N-sided regular nested polygons… Read More
Given four positive integers A, B, C, and D representing the length of sides of a Cyclic Quadrilateral, the task is to find the area… Read More
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Given a grid consisting of horizontal & vertical bars of size (N + 2) x (M + 2) and two arrays H[] and V[] denoting… Read More
Given integers N, M and P, the task is to check if is possible to find a rectangular area of P sq. units inside a… Read More

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