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The words Type and Kind are very common words in English speeches and writings. Both of the words are very commonly used on daily basis… Read More
Number System is a method of representing numbers on the number line with the help of a set of symbols and rules. These symbols range… Read More
Problem Statement: Suppose there are three containers; container I (3L), container II (5L), container III (8L). Container III is filled with 8L of water while… Read More
Problem Statement: Given two candles. Each of them burns for one hour. They burn unevenly in different parts though. In addition, let’s have a box… Read More
In the world of Programming and Mathematics we often encounter the two terms “Modulo” and “Modulus”. In programming we use the operator “%” to perform… Read More
For a better understanding of Banker’s discount concept, consider the situation where if person P buys some goods from person Q, where the person P… Read More
For a better understanding of the true discount concept, consider the situation where if person P goes to purchase a mobile which costs an amount… Read More
Direction Sense :It is a basic topic of reasoning. On this topic we will learn how to detect the direction according to the given situations.Basically… Read More
Problem Statement: A very hungry worm reaches a tree and eats the leaves in the following sequence: DAY 1: The worm eats 1 leaf DAY… Read More
Problem Statement: At a restaurant, pizzas can be ordered in boxes of 6, 9, and 20. What is the highest number of Pizzas that cannot… Read More
Prerequisite – GRE Algebra | Coordinate Geometry Geometry is the branch of mathematics that is concerned with property and relation between points, lines, solids, surfaces,… Read More
The difficulty level of GRE : The GRE is easy. Yes, you read that right. It has a simple, well-defined syllabus and gives plenty of… Read More
Here, we have listed all these important solved year wise papers. We have tried to solve these paper with best and errorless explanations. We have… Read More
The list of 10 most common words starting with root alphabet “H”  S.No. Root Meaning Example Meaning 1 Hypo less than normal hypothetical based on… Read More
Suppose you have a regular hexagon made up of matchsticks with three diagonals in it. The task is to convert the given hexagon into three… Read More

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