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Given an integer Y, denoting a year, as input, the task is to find the date of Easter for that year. Examples:  Input: Y =… Read More
If 29th April 2013 is Monday then what is the day on 30th November 2013? (A) Saturday (B) Sunday (C) Monday (D) Wednesday Answer: (A)… Read More
What day of week was it on 5th November,1989 if it was Monday on 4th April, 1988 ? (A) Sunday (B) Monday (C) Tuesday (D)… Read More
What day on 23.04.1990? (A) Monday (B) Tuesday (C) Wdnesday (D) Friday Answer: (A) Explanation: Step 1: 23+90 = 113 Step2: 90/4 Quotient = 22… Read More
The last day of a century cannot be: (A) Thursday (B) Monday (C) Wednesday (D) Sunday Answer: (A) Explanation: Quiz of this QuestionPlease comment below… Read More
Today is Monday. After 61 days, it will be: (A) Monday (B) Saturday (C) Sunday (D) Tuesday Answer: (B) Explanation: After 63 days it will… Read More

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