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Tag Archives: AngularJS-Misc

$scope acts as a built-in object in AngularJs. It consists of application data and methods. The $scope is acts as a link between a controller… Read More
Property Binding is a one-way data-binding technique. In property binding, we bind a property of a DOM element to a field which is a defined… Read More
Introduction:In angular 8, we can create hyperlinks for all the values that are present in the array using *ngFor. Approach:1) First declare and initialize array… Read More
Introduction:We can solve this using *ngFor directive and attribute binding for binding the background colour. Approach: Using *ngFor directive iterate through a list of items… Read More
The file upload is an essential component to make a form that store some image kind of data. It helps in applications using image upload… Read More
String Interpolation in Angular 8 is a one-way data-binding technique that is used to transfer the data from a TypeScript code to an HTML template… Read More
The web development design that focuses on the dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, which depends upon the screen size and orientation of… Read More
Introduction: MDBootstrap (Material Design for Bootstrap) is a complete UI package that can be integrated with other frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, etc. It… Read More
Ant Design is a design pattern for enterprise-level products that can be integrated with other front-end frameworks such as Angular, React, or Vue. Ant Design… Read More
ngx-webcam component provides access of webcam to take snapshots simply via actions and event-bindings in Angular 10. This component gives us full control and permission… Read More
To set an active tab style using AngularJS we need to use isActive and the ng-controller method . Method 1: The ng-controller Directive in AngularJS… Read More
In Angular 2, we can pass the value of a variable between two components (from parent to child) using the Input Decorator. Using these Input… Read More
Angular is an application design framework and development platform for creating efficient and sophisticated single-page apps. It has been changed a lot from its first… Read More
Key differences between Restangular and ngResource: Instead of doing the “magic” filling of objects like $resource, Restangular uses promises(promise represents the eventual results of an… Read More
In any web application we need to save, update, insert and fetch data to and from a database. AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC or Model-View-Controller… Read More

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