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Tag Archives: AngularJS-Misc

Angular2 hashtag is a syntax used to declare DOM element as variable and these templates render as an HTML file. #: variable declaration (): event… Read More
The task is to add an input field on the page when the user clicks on the button using AngularJs. Steps: The required component for… Read More
Although Annotations and Decorators both share the same @ symbol in Angular, they both are different language features. Annotations: These are hard-coded language feature. Annotations… Read More
AngularJS consists of various types of pre-defined Directives. Most of the directives start with ng where ng is equivalent to Angular. ng-repeat: The ng-repeat directive… Read More
Bootstrap is an open-source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. The Bootstrap framework can be used together with modern JavaScript web & mobile… Read More
There are two ways to ignore loop in else condition: Continue Break Please see this, for explanations of the same. In simple terms, The Break… Read More
AngularJS provides different methods to observe/watch the changes in its elements and variables. The $observe and $watch are two different methods that serve this purpose.… Read More
AngularJS provides two different ways to change the format of the date. It can be achieved by the following approaches: Using HTML Template Binding Using… Read More
Constructor: Constructor is the default method for a class that is created when a class is installed and ensures the proper execution of the roles… Read More
AngularJS is considered to be more feature-packed and a more comprehensive arrangement to the client’s needs (Upwork, iStockPhoto, Climate, PayPal are built with Precise), in… Read More
In angular2, a component is considered as a ‘view’ with its own logic and data. Data binding is the process of combining data values with… Read More
Given an HTML document containing some options element and the task is to add an array of javascript objects dynamically with multiple selects using ng-repeat… Read More
The ng-bind-html Directive is used to bind the innerHTML of an HTML element to application data and remove dangerous code from the HTML string. $sanitize… Read More
Observables provide support for data sharing between publishers and subscribers in an angular application. It is referred to as a better technique for event handling,… Read More
The task is to handle an input field if the number entered by the user in the input exceeds some limit using angularJS. We define… Read More

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