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In this article, we will know the currency filters in AngularJS, along with understanding its implementation through the examples. Filters are used to modify or… Read More
The $log service in Angular.js is simply used for logging purposes on the browser console. It is used for the debugging and troubleshooting of the… Read More
Filters are added in the AngularJS for the sake of making the formatting and working with data easier. Filters are used to format the value… Read More
Web development is a rapidly growing field. A technology introduced today is bound to get outdated within a few months. Earlier, the websites used to… Read More
The “filter” Filter in AngularJS is used to filter the array and object elements and return the filtered items. In other words, this filter selects… Read More
AngularJS currency filter is used to convert a number into a currency format. If no currency format is specified currency filter uses the local currency… Read More
The json filter in AngularJs is used to convert a JavaScript object into a JSON. string.JavaScript object that we are using can be of any… Read More
An orderBy Filter in AngularJS is used to sort the given array to the specific order. The default order of sorting the string is in… Read More
AngularJS provides different filters to format the data. The lowercase Filter formats the given string to the lowercase. In order to transmit & render the… Read More
The uppercase Filter in AngularJS is used to change a string to an uppercase string or letters.  Syntax: {{ string | uppercase}} Example: This example… Read More

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