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Resources are the files and static content that the application’s code uses, such as animations, images, layouts, and string values. These files stored in the… Read More
An android support library is part of Android SDK tools. You can use the Android Support Library for backward-compatible versions of new Android features and… Read More
Eclipse is a standard package that is ideal for java and plug-in development, as well as introducing new plugins. Eclipse is mostly used for Java… Read More
In this article, we will discuss that how to check the file explorer and see all the folders inside the android. This is useful when… Read More
While developing your favorite app, you might at some point of time arrived upon this strange error,  :GfGapp:processDebugResources FAILED FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.… Read More
Working on some important java project with Java code involved, and just when you hit that Build hammer icon, you get this: Error:Execution failed for… Read More
Gradle assemble-info provided me an indication that the manifestations do not have various versions of SDK and can not be integrated. And after hours of… Read More
The SO file stands for Shared Library. You compile all C++ code into the.SO file when you write it in C or C++. The SO… Read More
The Java SDK for Android is a sophisticated suite of tools for managing, monitoring, profiling, and debugging Java code written in Android Studio. But sometimes… Read More
Implementation is a dependency configuration used for library declaration and was introduced in the Android Gradle Plugin 3.0 by Google. Implementation dependencies are declared in… Read More
The following error occurs when the adb file is not found within the SDK system folder. A software development kit (SDK) provides the software required… Read More
Nowadays, android apps are very popular especially social media apps. This Login UI has generally seen in the “Twitter” App. In this article, we will… Read More
The Android Profiler replaces the Android Monitor features in Android Studio 3.0 and higher. The Android Profiler tools give you real-time information on how your… Read More
Here, we are going to make an application for the “GeeksForGeeks” website. By making this application we will be able to learn that how we… Read More
Whenever we try to debug the application on Android Studio we may encounter the error “Module not specified” in the Android Studio. So, In this… Read More

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