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An Android SeekBar is a user interface element that allows the user to adjust a value within a specific range by dragging a thumb along… Read More
A Flutter widget for quantity input. Increase or decrease the input value by pressing the button. Built with a text field, InputQty also supports typing… Read More
An Android Emulator is used to simulate Android devices on any computer. It proves to be handy for testing an application on a variety of… Read More
Android resource file is a file that stores resources needed for the UI part of an android application. Like: Layout files, drawable files, etc. In… Read More
Many times while building an android application if we have to run specific features within our android application we have to check the battery level… Read More
An Android Studio project generally contains more than one Android Manifest.xml file. They are provided by the main sources set, imported libraries, and build variants.… Read More
In Android Studio Logcat is a window to display messages, Logcat shows real-time messages and keeps history for the future. To see the messages of… Read More
Neumorphism is a design concept used to make soft widgets based on object shadows. It uses highlights and shadows to create elements that appear to… Read More
Android Studio is a part of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) technology stack. It describes it as an Android Development Environment and is based on… Read More
Pre-requisites: Android App Development Fundamentals for Beginners Guide to Install and Set up Android Studio Android | Starting with first app/android project Android | Running… Read More
Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices… Read More
In this article, we can learn how to Signout the user from a flutter application. This article is a continuation of the article that explains… Read More
You all must know about projects in which two applications are required one for the client and the other for the admin. Here we will… Read More
An anagram of a word is another word that contains the same characters, only the order of characters can be different. For example, “abcd” and… Read More
Material Design Components (MDC Android) offers designers and developers a way to implement Material Design in their Android applications. Developed by a core team of… Read More

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