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Storage Access Framework is first introduced in Android 4.4, but has come a long way, and has hugely improved in Android 13. Users can easily… Read More
Android 13 brings to us a plethora of new services, APIs, features, and functions to add to our app to turn the overall user experience… Read More
You may have come across various instances where you would want to keep the device awake when your app is performing some kind of action… Read More
The practice of using a device’s hardware to speed up an Android application’s drawing operations is known as hardware acceleration. To put it another way,… Read More
Video encoding has been a long-time feature present in the Android system, it only keeps getting better with newer hardware and now, it even goes… Read More
HAL in Android stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer, and it consists of various protocols and hardware equipment that ships with an Android phone, the HAL… Read More
The quick settings, notifications, the Settings app, and other features all seem to undergo changes with each major update to Android. The buttons for media… Read More
10-Bit Camera Stream capture had been a long-desired feature that was requested by the community worldwide, as smartphone cameras have been evolving for a very… Read More
You may have come across developing apps where you need support for High Resolution, High Definition audio to capture and process audio, this may be… Read More
Android 13 enhances the user experience when several active audio captures are required, such as when a user wants to use voice commands provided by… Read More
You may have come across the term Spatial Audio, if you have been under the rock then spatial audio is a great enhancement for audio,… Read More
Shortcuts have been an integral part of Android Apps, almost every app we use has shortcuts that facilitate main activity opening with various time-savers, which… Read More
There have been a lot of security concerns over time over various Android resources, and as we continue moving towards the digital age, they will… Read More
Multi Gradle Modularization is a feature introduced in Android 13, wherein you can have multiple grade and project files working inside the same component. In… Read More
User Data Checkpoint is a crucial feature, which was initially introduced in Android 10, but has now improved over time, and now in Android 13,… Read More

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