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This was a pool campus conducted by amazon for internship. Online Round: There were 20 mcq(+1 for each) and 2 coding questions(+30 for each). MCQ had… Read More
Given two expressions in the form of strings. The task is to compare them and check if they are similar. Expressions consist of lowercase alphabets,… Read More
Overall process time : 2 months(Sep’17 to Nov17) Overall 60+ people Total Rounds : 6 Overall Difficulty : 2.5 – 3 Round 1: (3 codes… Read More
Round 1: It was F2F round(DS and algorithms). They asked about me and my experiences in previous company. I have created couple of open source… Read More
Online Round: It consists of 20 MCQs and two coding questions and MCQs got the negative marking . One for the correct answer and -0.25 for… Read More
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Most importantly they look for 1. Problem solving skills i.e. algorithm 2. Coding skills 3. Knowledge of DS Round 1: The round 1 consisted of… Read More
This was a pool campus conducted by amazon for internship .based on the internship performance students will be give pre-placement offers or pre-placement interview. Online… Read More