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Online Round: This round consist of 28 MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs are mostly based on data structure and algorithm. Time is limited to… Read More
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I got call from HR through Naukri and scheduled on July 20, 2019. I went through three rounds of interviews. Round 1:Written Test 1.… Read More
Round 1: This round was an online round on mettl. There were 2 coding questions and 28 multiple choice questions. The time limit was 90… Read More
Amazon On-Campus Hiring : 2019   Round-1 (Online coding round): It was 90 minutes long coding round on mettl test. It consisted of 2 coding… Read More
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Hi All, Amazon conducted a drive for both SDE-1 and SDE-2 in July 2019 in Pune.I applied for the SDE-1 position.I got a call from… Read More
Round 1: Sort an array of 0s, 1s and 2s Diameter of Binary Tree Nodes at given distance in binary tree Round 2: Count of… Read More
I took a referral from senior working in Amazon and got online test link. There were two coding questions and few MCQs based on OS… Read More