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Round 1(Online assessment): Consisted of 2 coding questions along with a code explanation for each. In code explanation, you need to explain your approach and… Read More
Round 1 (Phone Screening): It was a screening round to gauge my resume and also check if I was worth the further interview process for… Read More
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service(EKS), is a fully managed service that you can use to run Kubernetes on Amazon Web Service. Kubernetes is open-source software that… Read More
There is four round of interviews. Round 1 (Online Assessment Test): The online test consists of 2 coding questions to be completed in 70 minutes.… Read More
I applied for 6 months internship at Amazon in October. I gave Open Access(OA) in November, and in December I got a mail from Amazon… Read More
I got a mail from an Amazon recruiter for the SDE-1 role. I applied through the Career Site. Online Assessment round: 2 coding questions were… Read More
All the interview rounds happened virtually through Chime. Round 1 (Online Assessment): Two coding questions (medium level) were given along with behavioral questions and project… Read More
I was contacted by Amazon recruiter for SDE-1 role. Coding round: 2 simple coding questions were asked . (don’t remember exactly), you need to solve… Read More
ONLINE ASSESSMENT – This Round consists of 4 sections and you need to perform well in all of these. A) DEBUGGING (20 mins) – You… Read More
Status: 2021 graduate Work: SDE1 Applied through amazon job portal. Round 1(Online Coding Test): 2 questions, 120 minutes Explanation with Time complexity and Space complexity… Read More
I was contacted by an amazon recruiter for the SDE-1 role. Coding Round: Two questions were asked to be solved in 105 minutes in which… Read More
I applied for a 2-month SDE internship role in amazon through the amazon wow program 2021, This program is an initiative by Amazon to promote… Read More
Interview Difficulty Level: Hard Round 1(Resume Shortlisting): Applied on 9 Oct 2021, got test link around 10 Nov 2021. Round 2(Online Assessment): There were four… Read More
Amazon WoW is a networking platform for all women engineering students in India that connects them to Amazon leaders, recruiters, and the broader Amazon community.… Read More
I attended a hiring event on Codechef for Amazon in March or April ’21. I managed to solve nearly 50% of the questions. So, after… Read More

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