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I was interviewed for the SDE-1 role at Amazon and I take this opportunity to share my experience. Round 1: Coding Assessment: Before the technical… Read More
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Round 1(OA Assessment – 2 hrs): It was conducted in HackerEarth. 3 Programming Questions were asked Round 2(Technical Interview – 1 HR) Self Intro Directly… Read More
Online Test: There were 4 sections in the online test which was held in the month of August. Debugging questions (Easy) Coding Questions (Easy-Medium) General… Read More
Given a string str, find the length of the longest substring without repeating characters.  For “ABDEFGABEF”, the longest substring are “BDEFGA” and “DEFGAB”, with length… Read More
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Given two Linked Lists, create union and intersection lists that contain union and intersection of the elements present in the given lists. The order of… Read More
In the month of April – May Hackathon named HackOn was held on the HackerEarth platform by Amazon. Round 1: Coding Round Time: 3 questions… Read More
Amazon arrived for hiring in the last week of July 2021 on our campus for the Software Development Engineer Role. We had a total of… Read More
Amazon visited our college this year. They currently are on a massive hiring spree, and anyone with decent knowledge can get into it. This is… Read More
Online Assessment: 1 leetcode easy question 1 medium leetcode graph: finding the shortest path with mines in between the start and end location provided Also… Read More
Amazon Interview experience for Internship 2021. There was 1 coding exam round and 2 technical interview rounds. Coding Exam: There were 2 coding questions as… Read More
Round 1: Coding round Code Debugging (20 minutes) Coding questions (70 minutes): There were 2 coding questions:Maximum of all subarrays of size KCount all substrings… Read More