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Round 1(Online Assessment 1): This round was conducted on the Mettl platform. It consisted of MCQs on DBMS, CN, DSA, Software development and testing concepts,… Read More
Technical-Round (Duration-1hr): Introduction Diameter of Tree Given two arrays old_profit and new_profit of length n where old_profit[ i ] and new_profit[ i ] represent profit… Read More
Round 1: Online Assessment 1: Platform: Mettl. Sections contained: DSA, CN, DBMS, Software development concepts, and 1 coding question. Verdict: cleared this round and received… Read More
here’s a question that was recently asked by amazon. The position was for SDE II, L-5, United States. The question was in two parts. You… Read More
I applied for the role of SDE Intern (6 Months) through Amazon WOW drive 2022. There were a total of 3 rounds (1 OA +… Read More
Hii Folks!!               Hope you all are doing great!! I graduated in 2022 from Motilal Nehru National Institute of… Read More
I was interviewed at Amazon Bengaluru for SDE 2 role in Sept 2022 Round 1 (Online Test, Hackerrank): Don’t remember the exact question, one was… Read More
Hi. I am a Final Year student of B. Tech in Information Technology at NIT Kurukshetra. Amazon visited our college to hire SDE-1 on 8th… Read More
Experience: 10 Months I got a mail from Amazon recruitment on Feb ’22 containing a link to apply for SDE 1 role with the same… Read More
Hi, I am a Final year student pursuing my B.Tech in Information Technology from VIT Vellore. Amazon visited our campus on 20th July 2022 for… Read More
This was an On-campus hiring process conducted by Amazon for the role of Quality Assurance Engineer for the year 2022 There was an online assignment… Read More
Amazon visited my institute NIT Jamshedpur for FTE roles on July 22, 2022. Here is the breakdown of the whole process. Online Assessment (OA 22/07/2022… Read More
This was the amazon Chennai team conducting a hiring event in the amazon Gurugram office on 15th July 2022. Round-1 ( DSA )… Read More
Coding Round: There were two coding questions.1. Given Array Of Strings, Find Pairs of Strings that have a difference of 1 right rotation. Example –… Read More
In my 4th year, I gave an interview on AMAZON for the SDET Role. My interview went for 1 hour. Firstly I was not able… Read More

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