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Round 1 (Online Assessment): There was only one coding question and there were also some other sections that contained fundamental questions (Related to operating system,… Read More
Online Round: There were multiple sets. Each set contained four sections. Code Debugging section(20 minutes)-It demanded only 10-15 minutes and only minor changes were required… Read More
It was a support profile and I was assessed in debugging troubleshooting, and scripting skills on Linux machines. There was a total of 6 Rounds… Read More
I registered on the official page of Amazon Wow during July 2021. There were regular updates regarding the webinars organized by Amazon Wow. I attended… Read More
I uploaded my resume on the Amazon Job Portal site my resume got shortlisted for the Interview.  After 15 days I got mail that my… Read More
AWS Organizations is a free governance tool that lets users create and manage multiple AWS accounts. It helps in managing multiple users’ accounts from a… Read More
Given an integer X, find its square root. If X is not a perfect square, then return floor(√x). Examples :  Input: x = 4Output: 2Explanation:… Read More
Amazon visited our campus in July for three roles i.e. QAE(Quality Assurance Engineer),  BIE(Business Intelligence Engineer),  DE(Data Engineer).  The whole process was conducted online. 246… Read More
I applied for Amazon WOW SDE internship in June 2022. (for 2023 passouts) There was a total of 2 online coding rounds, and 1 technical… Read More
There were totally 4 rounds (1 Online Assessment + 3 Technical Interviews) Round 1 (Online Assessment): The Interviews were conducted on the Amazon Chime platform.Coding… Read More
Amazon WOW is a program conducted by Amazon every year to hire final-year undergraduate female students for a 6-month internship. There were 3 rounds in… Read More
Given an integer matrix mat[][] of size M x N and an integer K, the task is to return the number of paths from top-left… Read More
Round 1(Online Assessment 1): This round was conducted on the Mettl platform. It consisted of MCQs on DBMS, CN, DSA, Software development and testing concepts,… Read More
Technical-Round (Duration-1hr): Introduction Diameter of Tree Given two arrays old_profit and new_profit of length n where old_profit[ i ] and new_profit[ i ] represent profit… Read More
Round 1: Online Assessment 1: Platform: Mettl. Sections contained: DSA, CN, DBMS, Software development concepts, and 1 coding question. Verdict: cleared this round and received… Read More

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