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What is TCS NQT ? TCS NQT is National Qualifier Test conducted by Tata Consultancy Services, it is a prerequisite for all the tests. The… Read More
What is an Algorithm? An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure to solve a problem. A good algorithm should be optimized in terms of time and… Read More
Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed. ML is one of the most exciting… Read More
Pseudo code is a term which is often used in programming and algorithm based fields. It is a methodology that allows the programmer to represent… Read More
Distributed Algorithm is an algorithm that runs on a distributed system. Distributed system is a collection of independent computers that do not share their memory.… Read More
What is the return value of following function for 484? What does it to in general? bool fun(int n) {     int sum = 0;     for… Read More
You are given an array with even integer elements. You and some other player take turns to pick numbers. Each player can pick either the… Read More
Which of the following is the best possible time complexity to get Nth Fibonacci number with O(1) extra space (A) Time complexity T(n) is T(n-1)… Read More
There are 25 horses among which you need to find out the fastest 3 horses. You can conduct race among at most 5 to find… Read More
In the above question, if array A is made to hold the string “abcde”, which of the above four test cases will be successful in… Read More
The procedure given below is required to find and replace certain characters inside an input character string supplied in array A. The characters to be… Read More
An inversion in a an array A[] is a pair (A[i], A[j]) such that A[i] > A[j] and i < j. An array will have… Read More
Suppose you are given an array s[1…n] and a procedure reverse (s,i,j) which reverses the order of elements in a between positions i and j… Read More
Consider the following C function. float f(float x, int y)  {    float p, s; int i;    for (s=1, p=1, i=1; i < y; i ++) … Read More
An element in an array X is called a leader if it is greater than all elements to the right of it in X. The… Read More

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