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Tag Archives: Algorithms-Graph Shortest Paths Quiz

Dijkstra’s Algorithm: It is a graph searching algorithm that uses a Greedy Approach to find the shortest path from the source node to all other… Read More
Given two natural numbers N and M, Create a graph using these two natural numbers using relation that a number is connected to its largest… Read More
Dijkstra’s algorithm is one of the most popular algorithms for solving many single-source shortest path problems having non-negative edge weight in the graphs i.e., it… Read More
Given an undirected graph of N nodes and M vertices. You are also given a K edges as selected[]. The task to maximize the shortest… Read More
Given an undirected non-weighted graph G. For a given node start return the shortest path that is the number of edges from start to all… Read More
Prerequisites:  BFS for a Graph Dictionaries in Python In this article, we will be looking at how to build an undirected graph and then find… Read More
Given a directed graph and a source vertex in the graph, the task is to find the shortest distance and path from source to target… Read More
Given a weighted Directed Graph where the weights may be negative, find the shortest path between every pair of vertices in the Graph using Johnson’s… Read More
Given a Directed Acyclic Graph with n vertices and m edges. The task is to find the number of different paths that exist from a… Read More
Is the following statement valid?. Given a graph where all edges have positive weights, the shortest paths produced by Dijsktra and Bellman Ford algorithm may… Read More
Is the following statement valid?. Given a weighted graph where weights of all edges are unique (no two edge have same weights), there is always… Read More
Match the following Group A Group B a) Dijkstra's single shortest path algo p) Dynamic Programming b) Bellmen Ford's single shortest path algo q) Backtracking… Read More
Is the following statement valid about shortest paths? Given a graph, suppose we have calculated shortest path from a source to all other vertices. If… Read More
Given a directed graph where weight of every edge is same, we can efficiently find shortest path from a given source to destination using?  (A)… Read More

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