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The eventual collapse of companies like Google Search and Amazon, according to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, is expected if artificial intelligence development keeps on at… Read More
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ChatGPT users can now prevent their sensitive data from getting recorded by the AI chatbot by installing PrivateGPT, an alternative that comes with data privacy… Read More
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ChatGPT creator Sam Altman, warns the world about the “superintelligence” of Artificial Intelligence systems that could enable them to surpass humans within the next ten… Read More
Microsoft Corporation co-founder Bill Gates stated on Monday that the creation of the best artificially intelligent agent, which is positioned to upend search engines, productivity… Read More
With the use of DragGAN, a user-friendly application, anyone may significantly alter photos with just point-and-drag operations.   With today’s picture editing techniques, like those… Read More
In a daring exploration of the hidden corners of the internet, South Korean researchers developed DarkBERT, an AI model specifically designed to navigate the obscure… Read More
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about rapidly developing AI and said it is moving in the right direction; AI will shift jobs, create new ones… Read More
Artificial Intelligence has been powering a lot of companies through machine learning and management. Now Google is also a part of this race. Google’s tremendous… Read More
While refuting Elon Musk’s statements about Microsoft’s control over OpenAI, Satya Nadella clears that Microsoft plays a non-controlling role in its commercial partnership with OpenAI.… Read More
Revolutionsing Collaboration; Microsoft strengthens its partnership with OpenAI extending million-dollar investments from previous years.   According to an exclusive report from The Information on Monday,… Read More