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The digital root of a positive integer is found by summing the digits of the integer. If the resulting value is a single digit then… Read More
ACM-ICPC (Association for Computing Machinery-International Collegiate Programming Contest) is a team-based, programming competition. Also known as the Olympics of programming. So, it all started from… Read More
Given a directed weighted graph and two vertices S and D in it, the task is to find the shortest path from S to D… Read More
In 2017, when ACM allowed Python support for its prestigious competition, the ACM ICPC, a whole new community became interested in the sport of competitive… Read More
  ACM ICPC(Association for Computing Machinery – International Collegiate Programming Contest) is a world-wide annual multi-tiered programming contest being organized for over thirteen years. The… Read More
Geek on the top is all about success stories of Geeks who are working hard to chase their goals and are inspiration for other geeks.… Read More

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