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For 2021 Pass-Outs Round 1(Cognitive and Technical assessment followed by the Coding assessment): Difficulty Level-Moderate In this round we have Cognitive(50 Questions) Technical(50 Questions) and… Read More
I had applied for Accenture On-Campus on 24/3/2021 through my campus link. I had my mock test on1st of April, please make sure u attend… Read More
I had applied for Accenture Off-Campus in the month of April 2021. I got an email that my rounds are going to be held from… Read More
Accenture started its off-campus drive-in December-2020 (Hiring for 2021 graduates) | Virtual Recruitment.  Two roles were offered Application Development Associate (ADE)  Application Development Analyst (ADA) … Read More
Accenture Conducted an Off Campus Drive in the month of December 2020. (Direct Hiring 2021) Virtual Recruitment Accenture offered two roles:1. Application Development Associate2. Application… Read More
Recruitment Process: Accenture conducts 4 rounds to select freshers as ASE and FSE. I was applied for ASE(Associate software engineer). Round 1 (Cognitive, Technical 90min):… Read More
The interview with Accenture is very simple. The questions asked me were. Tell about Yourself. Tell about Projects. Tell me about the online certifications. Questions… Read More
The interview took on campus and every branch student was eligible for the campus drive.  1st Round: Consisted of MCQ on topics like aptitude, verbal… Read More
College: NMIET Pune Date of Interview: 2 Oct 2020 Branch: Mechanical  Written Test: I personally found that the written test was easy because I had… Read More
Accenture Bangalore visited our campus NIT Patna for virtual onboarding for Internship Opportunities. The assessments were split into four stages: Stage 1 (Cognitive and Technical… Read More
I recently appeared for the Accenture recruitment process. They were offering 2 profile roles: Associate Software Engineer. Software Engineer/Full Stack Engineer. This was a Pool… Read More
Accenture had come for 2 roles (On-campus) : Associate software engineer ~ Application development associate Software engineer ~ Application development analyst Round 1: First, there… Read More
We were asked to take a test in an online platform that had the aptitude, logical reasoning, technical and coding questions.  The level of difficulty… Read More
Accenture recruited at the zonal level for 2 roles: Application development associate and Application development analyst. The role would be offered based on interview performance… Read More
I recently appeared for the Accenture recruitment process. This year Accenture is recruiting at the zonal level, and the offer is provided based on the… Read More