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This is an On-campus offer. Eligibility Criteria was a minimum of 7 pointer. There were a total of 4 rounds (1 Coding Test+2 Technical Interviews+… Read More
Interviewed in Sept-2020. There were 3 technical rounds. Round 1: Started with a puzzle-solving (similar to one found in GFG or interviewBit puzzles section). Then… Read More
In total, I gave 4 rounds of Interview for 1MG. Round 1: Telephonic Round Intermediate level interview round where I was asked about Naive Bayes,… Read More
I was interviewed for Software Developer Profile at 1mg, gurugram. Round 1: Online Test Given an array of numbers, arrange them in a way that yields… Read More
Round 1:  Telephonic LRU  cache implementation String pool concept Tree related Question ( traversal in level order and some binary search question) Round 2: Next greater… Read More
Round 1 Devise a dice using one coin Stock buy sell problem What is BFS in Tree I have two coins winning strategy Round 2… Read More

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