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Synopsys Interview Experience | Set 8 (7+ years experience)

  • Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2019

Round 1 :
1) How can you design a hash which can have million entries with minimising collision?
2) Clone a binary tree
3) Relation of certain object are given like :
A-B, C-D, We need to tell whether two object are related or not.

Round 2 :
1) Delete nodes from a tree whose data is same as a given list of integer values.
After deleting the nodes, prepare forest of those many tress.
2) Given a value k, need to print all possible balanced paranthesis.
3) Given a sorted array and a value k which is number of buckets.
Divide array elements into buckets so that the difference of bucket sum is minimum.
4) Longest substring of all unique characters.
5) Given a large number in form of linked list, also given a digit.
Add the digit to linked list.

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Round 3 :
1) Detect cycle in a directed graph. Also print the nodes of cycle.
2) Shortest path between two nodes in directed graph with equal positive edge.
3) Shortest path between two nodes in directed acyclic graph with different positive edges.
4) Implement singleton class. Is it thread safe? Make it thread safe.
5) A derived B, write copy constructor of B.
6) Write comparator function syntax in map.
7) Given n files with sorted k entries each. Sort them completely.
8) 1000 coins/ 10 bags, distribute the coins so that each number can be made between 1 to 1000.
9) Deep copy/shallow copy.
10) Count occurrences of pattern in string.

Round 4 :
1) Poisened wine bottle puzzle.
2) Fill numbers from 1 to 8 puzzle.
3) Egg dropping puzzle.

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