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Symfony vs Yii

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  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2022
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In this virtual era, every agency massive or small wants to have a virtual reputation and to achieve that they lease builders for making websites and web packages. Building web software is a tedious and time-eating project if code is written manually on an IDE (Incorporated Development Environment), so to ease developer’s work, special IT groups released frameworks that make it clearly fast and smooth to broaden web programs. Framework cut out the repetitive task of writing the same code and provides suggestions for faster development. Two of the most used frameworks are Symfony and Yii so let’s compare these two.

Symfony is a web framework of PHP (Personal Home Page) that contains the necessary tools and libraries of PHP for repetitive use. Members of the Symfony community developed the framework and launched it in 2005. Symfony framework is written in PHP language and uses an MIT license. Fabien Potencier is known as the original author of Symfony. 

Advantages of Symfony

  • It offers a wide variety of design features.
  • It has good security and privacy features.
  • Documentation is well organized and handy for users.
  • It has a massive community that provides dedicated support.

Disadvantages of Symfony

  • Error handling capabilities are weak.
  • Slower testing tools which take lots of time.

Yii additionally mentioned as “Yee” is a component-based PHP framework. It’s far an open-source framework that follows an object-oriented design pattern. It was built by Qiang Xue in 2008. The latest version was released in 2022. The YII repository contains the source code for developers’ reference. The entire framework is built using PHP and covered under the BSD license. Due to its platform-independent nature, it is used by many developers.

Advantages of Yii

  • It supports object-relational mapping features.
  • It affords correct safety functions.
  • It uses a small amount of reminiscence and storage assets.
  • Supports database migration easily.

Disadvantages of Yii

  • Documentation is unorganized which makes it confusing to understand.
  • AJAX feature implementation requires JavaScript.

Below is a table of differentiation between Symphony and Yii:




Definition          Symfony is a PHP framework that is used in making complex applications and projects. Yii is an object-oriented, MVC-based open-source framework of PHP that is used in making different applications.
Performance It has good performance. It has high performance and speed.
Developer(s)            Development credit goes to the Symfony community. Development credit goes to Qiang Xue.
Security Symfony provides high-security features. SQL injection and cookie-tempering attacks can be easily mitigated. 
Interface  It has a beginner-friendly interface. It has a clean interface with well-organized tools.
Customizability               Customization features are limited. It can be customized according to users’ requirements.
Open source support Open source platform like Drupal provides support to Symfony framework.  Yii does not have much support from other open-source platforms.
Popularity It is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. It is not as popular as Symfony.


After comparing both frameworks we can tell that symphony is the best choice due to its security and open-source community support. Its documentation is also easy to understand and provides good performance. People who want low maintenance cost and high speed choose Yii and which is mainly used for e-commerce website building.

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